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Caregiver Lifeline Program & Other Transplant Resources

The first of its kind, the Caregiver Lifeline Program provides a supportive network and educational services specifically tailored to the needs of organ transplant patients, family members and caregivers inside and outside the walls of the Family House. This program integrates in-person, email-based, phone, and online support services, educational resources, and community-based outreach activities in the Gift of Life service area.

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Resources to help through the transplant journey

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Caregiver LifeLine Program

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  • Online Caregiver Support Group for transplant caregivers to connect with other caregivers going through a similar situations
  • Education for transplant caregivers (improving physical and emotional health, & managing financial and employment issues)
  • Caregiver Resources, our Resource Handbook, and links to key website offering support for caregivers or addressing their issues. Resource of the Month: HelpHOPELive helps patients and families pay medical bills and access treatments by helping them organize tax-deductible fundraising efforts.

Organ Transplant Resources: Map, Hospitals, Groups & Trials

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Identify regional hospitals with organ transplant programs and support groups for transplant recipients and their families.