Transplant Caregiver Education

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Caregiver Video Series

Our videos will be brief interviews with transplant caregivers and patients who have been through the process, plus donor family members, and transplant professionals - addressing some of the common issues experienced by transplant caregivers and patients.

Transplant Training Video

The Caregiver Lifeline Program’s first educational video, ‘Preparing for the Transplant Journey’ has been released! In this video, Alison B. Steinhauser, Psy.D, a Licensed Psychologist and heart transplant recipient, discusses ways in which a transplant patient and their family can prepare themselves for the transplant journey. Different steps include journaling the medical process, identifying key support people, and developing healthy coping skills. Check it out now and please share with others who may benefit from this important resource.

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Sometimes being a transplant caregiver can be difficult, especially when you are unsure about the transplant process, how you are supposed to be feeling, or what resources exist to make being a transplant caregiver a little easier. Please consult our Resource Handbook as a starting point for families. From the articles below, you may wish to start with Transplant Stages for Caregivers, our most popular page. The articles (some of which have quizzes) below provide information on different areas of concern for transplant caregivers.

Transplant Stages for Transplant Caregivers

Our most popular article, it describes the transplant process, and how each stage in the process might impact the caregiver.

Top Transplant Caregiver Tips

10 key tips for taking care of yourself if you are a caregiver for a patient going through the transplant journey.

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Articles about Maintaing Emotional Health while Caregiving

Emotional Health for Transplant Caregivers: This article provides information for identifying and managing possible symptoms of emotional distress or depression.

Unraveling Emotional Issues while Awaiting Transplant

Keeping Your Relationship with the Patient Healthy

Avoiding Holiday and Wintertime Stress for Caregivers

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Articles about Family Financial Wellbeing

Financial Burden and Employment for Transplant Caregivers: This article provides information on different sources of financial support for caregivers.

Financial Assistance for Transplant Patients and Caregivers

Applying for Social Security Disabilty Benefits

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Articles about Physical Health for Transplant Caregivers

Physical Health for Transplant Caregivers: This article provides information on preventative care, the health risks of being a caregiver, how to manage fatigue, some recommendations on exercise and nutrition, and a checklist about physical health.

Exercise and Nutrition Tips for Caregivers

5 Tips for Navigating the Hospital Cafeteria - By: Kirsten Diegel, RD, LDN

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Patient Compliance for Transplant Caregivers

This article describes common reasons why transplant patients may stop taking their transplant-related medication, and how a caregiver can support the patient to get back on track.

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Articles on How to Help a Child whose Parent Awaits Transplant

Supporting Children When a Parent is Awaiting a Transplant: This article contains suggestions on how to discuss transplant with children and support them emotionally while a parent goes through the transplant process.

Tips for Supporting Children whose Parent is Listed for Transplant

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Additional Resources

It is not always easy to ask for help, or find it on your own. This page will help you identify other helpful resources for finding caregiver support.

These resources can be very helpful to anyone who needs more education, support, or caregiver connections.