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If you don't find the resources you are looking for below or elsewhere on the Caregiver Lifeline Program website, it does not mean we can't help, please email us at

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Please consult our Resource Handbook as a starting point for families. Article of the Month: Keeping your Relationship with the Patient Healthy. Resource of the Month: HelpHopeLive helps patients and families pay medical bills and access treatments by helping them organize tax-exempt fundraising efforts with friends, family, and community members and organizations.

Resources for Transplant Patients and Caregivers

Organ Associations

Transplant Financial Education

Transplant Education and Support

Transplant Grants and Fundraising

Caregiver Education and Support (non-specific to transplant)

Government Benefits


JeffHOPE Advocacy

Assistance for Children

Grief Support

Mental Health

Legal Assistance




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Relaxation Apps

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There is so much information to know about caregiving!

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This page will help you understand more of the issues you may be going through as a result of caregiving. Information on health, depression and finances are provided.

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