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With a gift from you today—a gift that will be effectively DOUBLED by the Matching Gift—you can ensure that we can say yes to every family who needs a “home away from home.”

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Alicia and her father had both been diagnosed with a lung disease for which a lung transplant was the only treatment option. As a caregiver, Alicia deeply valued the many comforts of home they experienced at the Family House in the months before, during and after her father’s transplant. At the end of every hard day, she and her family knew they would be welcomed with kindness and concern, and fed hot meals cooked by friendly volunteers. They would be able to rest and replenish in clean, cozy rooms. And they would find comfort and common ground with other families who were on a similar journey.

Although her father had a successful transplant, he lost his battle months later due to complications. I can only imagine the fears that gripped Alicia as she waited for her call.

It was several years later when Alicia began her transplant journey. Thankfully, the Family House was able to welcome them again …

For families like Alicia’s who rely on the Family House during a most difficult time in life, I am thrilled to share that a generous friend has offered a $50,000 Matching Gift that will match your year-end gift today, dollar for dollar, until December 31.

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The cost of a room for a transplant family is $40 a night. But when the Matching Gift doubles your gift, something incredible happens—$40 will provide TWO nights, $80 will cover FOUR nights, and $120 will provide SIX nights!

Our dedicated Family House supporters help lead transplant families through their journeys—to the “home away from home” of the Family House and back to their own homes.

Please join our caring groups of supporter by making a holiday gift today to be doubled by the match, to welcome more families like Alicia’s!

It was a difficult time for Alicia’s husband and mother while she underwent a life-saving lung transplant and began the hard road to recovery.

They were far from home. Far from their children, and the youngest was just a baby. They spent long hours at the hospital, all the while hoping Alicia’s outcome would be different from her father’s.

Because friends contribute so generously, Alicia’s family could afford to stay at the Family House and received the support they needed each day.

“It was so nice to be surrounded by people who understood what we were going through,” Alicia says. “Even though everything is still on your shoulders, it doesn’t feel as heavy at the Family House. There are so many people who have the same story.”

The Family House serves all eight transplant centers in and around Philadelphia. That means there are always families like Alicia’s calling to ask,

Does the Family House have room for us?

How much is it going to cost? We are stretched so thin ...

With a gift from you today—a gift that will be effectively DOUBLED by the Matching Gift—you can ensure that we can say yes to every family who needs a “home away from home.”

I’m happy to update you that Alicia’s transplant was a success. Today, she is healthy, happy, and busily raising her three children. She continues to stay at the Family House during her follow-up appointments. Every day she is thankful for the organ donor who gave her a second chance at life and for the Family House contributors who led her and her family home.

“Thank you to all of you for this amazing home,” Alicia says. “You make it possible for the Family House to offer an environment that is safe for people going through extremely rough times in their lives. The Family House provided a place of shelter for my family and provided me with a whole other family that I love and care about as if they were my own relatives.”

Gifts are Tax-deductible.

You may enjoy significant tax benefits at year’s end, but just as important, you’ll have a huge impact on the lives of families who are going through so much, so far from home. Remember, your gift will be DOUBLED by the Matching Gift as long as it’s received by the December 31 deadline! Thank you again for your compassion and generosity!

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