2016 Family Circle

The Family Circle is an annual giving program made up of philanthropic contributors who give $250 or more in a calendar year to support the Family House. Membership benefits include a listing on the Family House’s Primary Contributors Wall for one year, an invitation to the Family House Annual President’s Reception, recognition in numerous Family House publications, and much more!

Honor in Platinum ($5,000 +)

Anonymous Contributors

Laura and Norm Baron

Certified Abstract Company, Inc.

Dirk Dinkeloo and Erin Jacob

Genentech, Inc.

Judge Philip F. Ludovici

Howard and Liz Nathan

Lori Nicoletti Peruto, Esq.

Analise and Americo Santos

Hope in Gold ($2,500 +)

Larry and Diane Beard

Dr. and Mrs. John Daly

Jean and Sam Jones

Patricia Kao

Sarah and Luke McGrath

Scott and Vickie Sayles

Dr. Marshall and Michele Schwartz

Seymore and Helen Ann Rubin Foundation

Walmart Store #2236

Walmart Store #3252

Walmart Store #5130

The Wawa Foundation

Care in Silver ($1,000 +)

AC Power Company, Inc.

Christa Adams

Anonymous Contributors

The Ashland Foundation

The Avallone Family

Richard and Betty Beltz

Beneficial Bank

John and Patricia Browne

Paul C. Brucker, Jr.

Dr. and Mr. Tania and Michael Burns

Capital Impact Partners

Jim and Karen Carns

Melvin and Lynne Cherry

The Clark Associates Charitable Foundation

The Copithorne Family

George J. Czarny

Carol Ann DiBiase

Cindy Dice

Cheryl Eshenour

Chris and Lynn Fallon

Ina Fisher-Gross

Gregg and Darlene Frederick

Debra and Carl Fritz

GFWC Women's Club of Aston

George and Susan Gibbs

Harvey and Rosalie Goldberg

Ellen and Bernie Gottlieb

Nanette and Lonnie Graybill

John Green

Margaret Gruber

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hasz, Sr.

Carol and Tom Hetzel

Ronda Horstman

Knights of Columbus Father McCafferty Council #11013

Kohler Co.

Pepper and Mike Krach

Allan and Harriet Leibowitz

Drs. Kimberly and Alexander Lin

Dr. and Mrs. Todd Lipschultz

The Marjorie M. and Irwin Nat Pincus Fund

Jack McHale

Merck Foundation

Barbara and Peter Miller

John and Jeannie Moretto

Evan, Debra & Jeff Morgan

Jeff and Maxine Morgan

Cary Moritz, Esq. and Michael Moritz, MD

Ellen Muzi

Steven Napiecek and Robin Zoltek

Robert and Tracie Opitz

Paradigm Mechanical LLC

Kevin C. Parham

Parx Casino

The Penkala Family

Andrea and Sean Reynolds

Mr. Daniel Rosenbloom & Dr. Melissa Meyers

Harry Roth, Esq. and Lisa Heller, MD

Sam's Club #6558

Sam's Club #8145

Jay and Pat Souder

Carole and Billy Stamps

Melissa and Brian Szabo

Barbara W. VanRensler and Barry W. VanRensler, Esq.

John and T. Robin Visconi

Walmart Store #2068

Walmart Store #2141

Washington Lodge No. 59 F & AM

Jan L. Weinstock, Esq.

Grace in Bronze ($500 +)

Jeffrey and Ruth Abrams

The Alfano Family

Anonymous Contributors

Avalon Hospice

Tibor and Bridget Baksy

Dr. Aaron Bannett* and Mrs. Joy Bannett

Margaret Belfield

Berg Builders & Developers

Bikram Yoga Chadds Ford

Blue Ridge Mountain Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Booster U.S.

Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Brucker

Matthew and Ashley Bryson

William and Winifred Carr

Dr. Bala Carver

Yip Chan

Comcast Foundation

Theresa Daly

Patrick Davenport

Harold and Christine Delhagen

Scott and Kate Demczyszyn

Susan and Fred Denenberg

The Desai Family Fund

Nancy Doble

The Earth Hand Fund of Central Carolina Community Foundation

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Carole Egan

Denise and Ken Fegley

Dr. Patricia Ferdinand

Robert Finkel

Dr. Beverly Foster and Mr. Jim Foster

Dr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Fulda

Ed and Marta Galarza

Lisa and Chris Gantner

Barbara and Sidney Geller

Richard and Theresa Gergar

Catherine Giblin

Gilroy and Lillian P. Roberts Charitable Foundation

Nick and Ruth Grigoriades

The Gurmankin Family

Camille Hegwood

David and Karen Hess

Mark and Karen Hite

Joseph and Megan Holden

Horton Family Foundation

Susan and Chao Kuang Hsu

Victoria Iannarone

Carl Johansen

Richard Johnson

Donald Jones

Michael and Lora Kawas

Frederick and Frances Keating

Kathryn Kiesel

Stephen Knobbs

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kovach

Veena Loftus

Gerald and Carmela Lorino

Maple Grove Missionary Baptist Church

The Massott Family

Christine and Thomas McGarry

Merck Sharp & Dohme Federal Credit Union

Ronald and Heather Michaud

John and Eleanor Michele

Glen Moffett, Esq.

Joann and Joseph Mozelewski

Alan Oberman

Paul Oravez and Therese McNelly

Irfan Patel and Family

Nathan and Erica Peiffer

David Pierson

Pioneer Construction Co., Inc.

The Pla Family

Michael Purcell


Janice Schwartz-Donahue

Scottsville United Methodist Church

Deborah and Vijay Shah

Carol L. Shields, M.D. and Jerry A. Shields, M.D.

The Sirkin Family Charitable Foundation

Ross and Mary Smith

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

St. Paul's United Church of Christ

Bruce and Cynthia Stavitsky

John and Carol Stemrich

J. Kate Stickles and Brad Baldus

Karl Stock

Linda Thompson

Michael and Jacqueline Tolokan

Dr. and Mrs. Marc and Kathy Uknis

Verizon Foundation

Amita Verma

Onofrio Vitullo

Verena Voegele

Frederick Von Hacht

Walmart Store #2334

Waters Medical Systems, LLC

Woodside United Methodist Church

Kathleen Yackin

Kathy Yandle and Rick Miller

Edward Zavala

Comfort in Copper ($250 +)

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Abrams

Wendy Agins

Alex Agres

Jeff and Sandy Albarty

Paul Albert

Brian Alboucq

The Albuck Family

Alfred Benesch and Company

Ann Allegrini

Dr. Rene Alvarez, Jr.

Antonella and Gregory Alves

American Legion Home Association of Waynesboro

Rakesh and Archna Anand

Terethria Anderson

Anonymous Contributors

The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

Manjula Balasubramanian

Dr. and Mrs. Horace Barsh

Jim and Martha Beaudoin

Ronald and Carol Bilek

Eugene and Patricia Blum

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Bonnette

Joan Bork

Bob Brady

Bright Horizons Foundation for Children

Judith Bronk

Alan and Marsha Brown

Joanne and Joseph Brusich

Victoria Burns

Anthony and Joanne Cacciatore

Donna Campbell

Barbara Capozzi

Melvin and Rosaline Cappel

Alex and Faith Carlin

Christopher Carnall

John and Joann Carrigg

Nancy Castrenze

Stephen Catanzaro

Dr. Nicholas and Mrs. Anna Marie Cavarocchi

David Caya

Jean and Stanley Chenoweth

The Church of St. Philip & St. James

Laurene and Michael Cianfrani

Thomas and Suzanne Civitella

Dorothy Clapham

Stephen Clyde

Sara Cohen

Christopher J. Combs and Colleen Seeber-Combs

Elizabeth Connor

Conrad O'Brien PC

Steven and Rhonda Cook

Cool Beans Cafe

Winifred Cooper

Lisa Coscia

Ellen Craugh

Chris and Sharon Crooker

Daughters of Penelope - Ionian Chapter 196

Susan Davis

Debbie Darling Belenski Memorial Fund of The Luzerne Foundation

Robert and Janine Decembrino

Mr. and Mrs. John Delaney, Jr.

Elizabeth Dellers

Perry and Susan DeMarco

Stephen and Priscilla Demosky

Molly Dempsey

Dolores DeVos

Terry Dillon and Sue McVey Dillon

Patricia Dolan

Gail Donner

Dr. and Mrs. Cataldo Doria

Leonard and Marlene Dubin

Mary Ann Dunlap

James Dunleavy

East Lawn Supply Co., Inc.

Edward and Wendy Eaton

Dr. Howard J. Eisen and Dr. Judith E. Wolf

Elite Landscaping

ePath Learning, Inc.


Exelon Corporation

Giuseppe and Antonia Falzone

Dr. and Mrs. David and Jacqueline Faust

Stuart and Sandra Fine

Dr. and Mrs. Gary and Phyllis Finkelstein

Joseph and Maryann Finlay

Elizabeth and Thomas Finocchio

Fitzpatrick's Crest Tavern

Gene and Joan Fleming

John Flynn

Joseph and Beverly Forline

John and Cornelia Fruncillo

Colleen Fuller and Tommy Marrone

Kevin Gallagher

Katie Geary

Corey Gee

Phil and Shelley Getz

June Ginty

Carol and John Giungo

Gloucester County Police Chiefs Association

Harvey Goldglantz

Aaron Greis

Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart

Bill and Tammy Griffis

Ronnie and Myron Gurman

Dr. Thomas Hansmeier and Dr. Stacey Gorter

Dr. and Mrs. Mehdi and Christine Haririan

Dan and Tyler Harmon

Richard Hasz

Jill Heintz and Jarred Koch

Michael and Tyler Hill-Shaner

Geoff and Maureen Hillary

Dennis and Marcia Hoffa

Home Instead Senior Care

Marjorie and Jeffrey Honickman

Robert and Susan Houser

Bruce Ikeda

Suraj Iyer

Kampi Components Co., Inc.

John Kasteleba and Betty English

Barbara Katz-Chobert

Edward and Heather Kellogg

Janice and John Kelly

David and Elizabeth Kennedy

Kent Kampers of Delaware, Inc.

William T. King

Keith Klasic

Alisa and Rob Kleisner

Frank P. Kowalski

Katherine Krol

Amy and Farn Kung

Robert and Susan Kunzelman

The Lacey Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lady Wildey Rebekah Lodge

Kathryn Lamb

Franklin Lambert

Barbara Landis

Langhorne Tax & Bookkeeping Inc.

Terri Lathan and Darryl Price

Scott Laughlin

Barbara Laurenzi

Laurie Giaimo Memorial Fund

Alan Levin

Marilyn and Gary Lindsey

Joseph Linstrim

Michelle Liu

Patricia and Arthur Mahlon

Alex Maier

The Mary Kay Cosmetics Gress National Area

William Mattern

McCarthy Masonry & Concrete, Inc.

Linda McConnell

John McCumber

Robert McDonald

Bernard McGinty, Jr.

Bernard and Beatrice Jean McGinty

Connie and Jack McGinty

Carol and James McKelvey

Shannon McKinsey

Ken and Kara McNulty

Anthony and Patricia Mendicino

Timothy Miller

Steven and Lauren Moll

Dr. Jonathan Morris

Thomas and Anna Morris

Douglas Moyer

Patricia Mozzillo

Rev. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy

Carlo Musso

Tim and Kim Myers

Julie Nagorsky

Steve Niewinski

Dr. Lazaros and Mrs. Stavroula Nikolaidis

Dan and Lou Ann Norton

Scott Z. Noye and Family

Becky Nuttall

Timothy O'Malley

Merna and Joseph Opetosky

Page Consulting LLC

Maryellen and Walt Paget

Peter and Nancy Parsons

Cindi and Vincent Pasceri

Arthur and Gail Pasquarella

Neha Pawar

Ruth Peachey

Lori Perch

Elissa and Michael Petrosky

Richard Pietroski

Susan Pincus

Frank and Joyce Podietz

M. Esther Popjoy

The Prasad Family

Christine and Greg Proffitt

Barbara and John Prontnicki

Francis and Debra Pross

James and Margaret Quill

Christine Radolovic

Vicki Rainer

Rainmaker Financial LLC

Sean Rhoads and Keri Fisher

R.J. Jomici, Inc.

Theresa Rooney

Michael and Rosemary Rose

Dr. Joel Rosenfeld

Elizabeth and Bruce Rubin

William and Mary Jo Russell

Richard and Sandy Salmieri

Sarah Scarborough

Garry Scheib

Brian and Angie Schleider

Geoffrey Schmidt

Thomas and Kathleen Schocklin

William Seng

Richard and Anita Shaffer

Jessica and David Sharp

David Shenberger

Theresa Sirianni

G. Stephen Snyder

Sons of the American Legion of Waynesboro

Ida Sosna

Barbie Spear

Sharon and Kenneth Spinrad

Thomas and Deborah Stalsitz

Marc Stern

Susan and Edward Stevens

Diane and Frank Stewart

Lauren Stricos

Larry and Rachael Suplee

Rebecca Suppi

Surety Title Service, Inc.

Raymond and Darlene Sweitzer

Charlene Tan

Peter Thomas

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital SICU

Diane Thompson

William and Theresa Thorp

Yolanda Toole

Mr. Michael J. Vagner and Dr. Evelyn K. Balogun

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Amy Van Kleunen

Dr. Barbara A. Wadsworth and Mr. Henry J. Wadsworth

Janice Waitkus

Stanley and Claudia Waldruff

Walmart Store #3564

Robert G. Walsh, Sr.

Andrew Ware

Maria Louise and John Weibel

Kelly Weiss

Krystine and Marion Wiktorowicz

Ruth Willis

The Wisniewski Family

Michael Wolfgang

Tracy T. Woodson

Wye Realty Advisors, LLC

Kitching Yau

Young Adjustment Company, Inc.

Leah Rutter Zenker


BOLD - Renewed Family Circle Member

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