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Gift of Life Family House Caregiver Lifeline Program provides services specifically tailored to the needs of organ transplant patients, family members, and caregivers inside and outside the walls of the Family House.

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Navigating the Transplant Process

The organ transplant process does not start and stop with the transplant surgery; it’s a lifelong journey and can be extremely difficult to navigate. There are many ways to prepare for the changes in your life and daily routine. Learn more about what you and your loved one can expect at each stage of the transplant journey. Click here to watch a replay of our brand new webinar series.

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Resources and Support Groups

The Caregiver Lifeline Program offers support groups and resources for transplant caregivers.

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Well-Being for Transplant Caregivers

Transplant caregivers have so many responsibilities, they sometimes forget to take care of themselves and do things they once enjoyed. It can be helpful to give yourself time each day to do things you love and take your mind away from other issues.

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Caregiver Lifeline Videos

Videos for caregivers and transplant patients on topics around the transplant experience, including “survivors guilt,” writing to the donor family, and preparing for transplant. Check back often for new videos!

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Sharing your Transplant Caregiver Story can be a great way to let others know that there are people out there with similar challenges.

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