Overview: Navigating the Transplant Process

Organ transplant is a difficult, lifelong battle, but many people feel it becomes easier and is well worth it.


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From Diagnosis Until the Rest of our Lives…

Transplant does not end after surgery for the patient or the caregiver. Having a positive outlook is good, but it is also helpful to be prepared for the tough times to follow.

Caregiver Lifeline will chronicle the stages of transplant and some of the feelings and issues transplant caregivers experience, such as:

  • When the patient is initially diagnosed and told they need a transplant
  • What it is like to wait for a transplant
  • The transplant surgery
  • What it is like post-surgery up until one year
  • What it may be like post-transplant one year after and on

How Organ and Tissue Donations Work

You can also read some personal accounts of actual transplant caregivers who have been through the transplant journey.

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The Wait

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