Family Circle 2017

Thank you to our most gracious supporters.




Larry and Diane Beard

Dr. and Mrs. John Daly

Dirk Dinkeloo and Erin Jacob

Howard and Liz Nathan

Lori and John Peruto, Esqs.

Cooke & Bieler Charitable Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation

Analise and Americo Santos

Dr. Marshall and Michele Schwartz

Second Chance Heart Transplant Support Group

Bernice Simonik



Be a Giver, Inc.

The Beneficial Foundation

Debjani and Satya Bhoumik

CTI Clinical Trial Services, Inc.

Fox & Roach Charities

Richard Hasz

Independence Blue Cross

Jean and Sam Jones

Scott and Vickie Sayles

The Wawa Foundation

Jan L. Weinstock, Esq.



The 518th Military Police Battalion

Abington Dixon School of Nursing – Class of 2017

Jeffrey and Ruth Abrams

AC Power Company, Inc.

Christa Adams

Albert W. Bader Foundation Inc.


The Ashland Foundation

Robert & Lauretta Ayers

Janet and Ralph Barndt

Richard and Betty Beltz

Daniel and Susan Bonner

Jack and Cathy Brennan

John and Patricia Browne

Dr. and Mr. Tania and Michael Burns

Jim and Karen Carns

Chubb & Son, a division of Federal Insurance Co.

The Comcast Foundation

Alan Cooper, Esq.

The Copithorne Family

Cheryl Eshenour

Exelon Corporation

Chris and Lynn Fallon

Gregg and Darlene Frederick

Debra and Carl Fritz

George and Susan Gibbs

Carol and John Giungo

Amanda Golden

Richard and Carolyn Gregory

Margaret Gruber

The Hand Family

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hasz, Sr.

Jeffrey R. Hill

The Hill Family

Mark and Karen Hite

Carl Johansen

Richard Johnson

Knights of Columbus Father McCafferty Council #11013

Krysta Hankee Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gina Larussa

Suzanne and Robert Levin

Drs. Kimberly and Alexander Lin

Mickey and Judy McCabe

Margaret McGoldrick

Luke and Sarah McGrath

Jack McHale

Victor Miasnikowicz

John and Jeannie Moretto

Evan, Debra & Jeff Morgan

Cary Moritz, Esq. and Michael Moritz, MD

Ellen Muzi

Robin and Steve Napiecek

Leslie Olson

Robert and Tracie Opitz

Kevin C. Parham

Paylor Family

The Perate Family

Philadelphia Chapter of UNICO National

The Raymond Family

Andrea and Sean Reynolds

Mr. Daniel Rosenbloom & Dr. Melissa Meyers

Harry Roth, Esq. and Lisa Heller, MD

Sam’s Spirit Foundation

John and Brenda Scanelli

Seer Interactive

Seymore Rubin

Jay and Pat Souder

Dane and Elizabeth Tourscher

Barbara W. and Barry W. VanRensler, Esq.

Margaret Vath

Liz and Scott Vernick

John and T. Robin Visconi

Robert G. Walsh, Sr.

Jonathan and Vicki Warner

Beverly Wetzel

Harold and Janet Whartnaby

Robert and Nancy Witty

Kathy Yandle and Rick Miller

Richard and Judy Yost



Anonymous Contributors

Martha and Bill Anderson

Archbishop Ryan High School

Margaret Belfield

Booster U.S.

Helene Breen

Sharon Burke

Donald and Brenda Cappetta

Care by Faith

William and Winifred Carr

Dr. Bala Carver

Martha Chase and Brian Reisinger

Kevin Cmunt

Steven and Rhonda Cook

Winifred Cooper

Jonathan Cottrell

Cindy Covington

Theresa Daly

Patrick Davenport

Russell and Patricia DeCastongrene

John and Carol Delaney

Harold and Christine Delhagen

Scott and Kate Demczyszyn

Stephen and Priscilla Demosky

Harris and Debra Devor

Eleanor Doerr

The Dorfman Family

Drexel Swim Team

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Brian Effron

Denise and Ken Fegley

Robert Finkel

Elizabeth and Thomas Finocchio

Ina Fisher-Gross

Deborah and Kurt Flammer

Dr. Beverly Foster and Mr. Jim Foster

Ed and Marta Galarza

Jake Garrison

Gilroy and Lillian P. Roberts Charitable Foundation

Ellen and Bernie Gottlieb

Bill and Tammy Griffis

Nick and Ruth Grigoriades

Dr. and Mrs. Mehdi and Christine Haririan

Dennis Heinrichs

Carol and Tom Hetzel

Dr. Ian Hood M.D.

Robert and Carol Howell

Michael and Lora Kawas

Susan and Chao Kuang Hsu

David and Elizabeth Kennedy

Kathryn Kiesel

Stephen Knobbs

Barbara Koster

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kovach

Joseph and Sharon Lesko

LexisNexis Risk

Marilyn and Gary Lindsey

Vincent and Lisa Magaro

Gwen Mayes

Linda McConnell

Christine and Thomas McGarry

John and Eleanor Michele

Joann and Joseph Mozelewski


Alan Oberman

Paul Oravez and Therese McNelly

Cindi and Vincent Pasceri

Irfan Patel and Family

Christina Pennypacker

Terri Lathan and Darryl Price

Francis and Debra Pross

Michael and Leanne Purcell

Michael and Rosemary Rose

William Ryan

Karen and Paul Ryder

Sarah and Ricky Scarborough

Janice Schwartz-Donahue

Herbert and Rose Schweitzer

William Seng

Seymore and Helen Ann Rubin Foundation

Richard and Anita Shaffer

Jessica and David Sharp

Dan and Gail Sinnott

Ross and Mary Smith

Southeast Ambassadors

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ

The Stanislawczyk Family

J. Kate Stickles and Brad Baldus

Rebecca Suppi

T. Rowe Price

Linda and James Thompson

Nancy Tindall

Michael and Jacqueline Tolokan

David Townsend

Steve Townsend

Wendy Trow-Fox

Dr. and Mrs. Marc and Kathy Uknis

Walmart Facility #5229

Michael Wolfgang



Pamela Abitabilo

Rosemary Abma

Clayton Adams and Lorraine Hirtelen

Bonnie Adler

Alex Agres

Paul Albert

Alfred Benesch and Company

Ann Allegrini

American Express Charitable Fund

American Society of Transplantation Staff

Anonymous Contributors

Spiro and Priscilla Apostolou

Hedy Arrell

Schonay Barnett-Jones

Laura and Norm Baron

Dr. Linda Barrasse

Dr. and Mrs. Horace Barsh

William Benz Esq.

Bethel United Methodist Church Mission Team

Susan Biefer

Ronald and Carol Bilek

Blackbaud, Inc.

Eugene and Patricia Blum

Brad Blumberg and Dr. Jennifer Sabol

Christopher Bradley

Margaret and Peter Bradley

William Brandt

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

Greg and Barbara Brojack

Paul and Jenifer Brucker

Charles and Marie Bryant

Marian Buccafurni

Norman and Donna Buchanan

Kristin Burbank

Victoria Burns

Sharon and Larry Butler

Jennifer Byrne

Donna Campbell

CAN Capitol

Sandra and Francis Cannon

Alex and Faith Carlin

Donald and Sarah Carter

Nancy Castrenze

Stephen Catanzaro

Dr. Nicholas and Mrs. Anna Marie Cavarocchi

David Caya

Yip Chan

Melvin and Lynne Cherry

Jason and Meghan Chorin

Thomas and Suzanne Civitella

Dorothy Clapham

The Cochran Family

Sara Cohen

Dennis and Mary Collin

Dr. Beth Colombe

Christopher J. Combs and Colleen Seeber-Combs

Michael Contarino

Lisa Coscia

Kathy Crandall

Ellen Craugh

Creating Impact LLC

Chris and Sharon Crooker

Catherine Dalton

Robert Demaio

Timothy Dever and Kolleen Eagan

Terry Dillon and Sue McVey Dillon

Nancy Doble

Caryl Donatucci

Delmar Dukes

Mary Ann Dunlap

Edward and Wendy Eaton

Bruce Edwards

Stuart and Sandra Fine

Dr. and Mrs. Gary and Phyllis Finkelstein

William and Vita Flear

John Flynn

Joseph and Beverly Forline

Katherine Foster and Patrick Owens

Todd Franzen

John and Cornelia Fruncillo

Dr. Gerard and Elizabeth Fulda

Katie Geary

Christopher Geczy

Catherine Giblin

Joyce Gilbert

June Ginty

The Goldberg Family

Harvey Goldglantz

John and Mary Susan Gruber

Eileen Grugan

Deanna and Carl Gunlefinger

The Gurmankin Family

Dan and Ryann Hall

Michael Harmon

Gabrielle and Derek Hegyi

Heritage Senior Living

Dennis and Marcia Hoffa

Dr. Neil Hoffman

Joseph and Megan Holden

Improved Order of Red Men & Degree of Pocahontas

Incyte, Corp.

Michael Jacobi

Lisa Jacobson-Katz

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

Don Jones

Keith Jones

Karen and Michael Kane

Dr. and Mrs. Laurence Karper

John Kasteleba and Betty English

Melissa Keller

Edward and Heather Kellogg

Douglas King

William King

Doreen Klampfer

Keith Klasic

Frank P. Kowalski

Pepper and Mike Krach

Larry and Michele Kritz

Katherine Krol

Amy and Farn Kung

Robert and Susan Kunzelman

The Lacey Gallagher Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kathryn Lamb

Laurie Giaimo Memorial Fund

Mary Kiernan and Bill Lee

Jessica Lee

Lisa Williams Lewis and Family

Kathleen Lilly

Lisa Litchkowski

Mary MacDonald

Candace Mackersie

Patricia and Arthur Mahlon

Chestana May

John McCumber

Bernard and Beatrice Jean McGinty

Connie and Jack McGinty

Carol and James McKelvey

Ken and Kara McNulty

Dennis and Bonnie Meisel

Dr. and Mrs. George Meney

Meshkov-Reed Dental Associates, P.C.

Timothy and Laurie Miller

Robert Mongeluzzi

Carmen Monsanto

Dr. Jonathan Morris

Thomas and Anna Morris

Victoria Morris

Patricia Mozzillo

Sebastian Mulder

Linda Muller

Amy Murphy

Jason and Rachel Nothdurft

Scott Z. Noye and Family

Kevin O’Connor

Maryellen and Walt Paget

Peter and Nancy Parsons

Arthur and Gail Pasquarella

Ruth Peachey

Jenn and Aaron Pearl

Jacqueline and Domingo Pena

Lori Perch

David Pierson

Susan Pincus

Frank and Joyce Podietz

  1. Esther Popjoy

The Prasad Family

Vincent Prestia

Brian Price

Barbara and John Prontnicki

James and Margaret Quill

Christine Radolovic

Mansur Rasul

Ronald and Carmella Ravelle

Patrick and Jean Reger

Annette Rizzo

Roberto Clemente Elementary School Social Committee

Carol Ann and Connell Rodden

Terri Rooney

Elizabeth and Bruce Rubin

Melissa and Joshua Runge

Ronald Ruschman

Gregory Ruthven

S.A.D.D. at Parkland High School

Brian and Angie Schleider

Thomas and Kathleen Schocklin

Timothy and Maryellen Schultze

Jacqueline Scott

David Shenberger

Edward and Shelly Sigman

Clifford and Kathleen Sipes

James and Elaine Skelton

Stephen Smolinski

Stephen Snyder

Robert and Ida Sosna

Roger Spady and Laura Sutter

Lawrence and Sharon Sparano

Sharon and Kenneth Spinrad

Thomas and Deborah Stalsitz

Bruce and Cynthia Stavitsky

John and Mary Pat Steinmetz

Susan and Edward Stevens

Geoffrey Stone

Jack Storey

Kimberly Stowman

Brent and Debbie Summers

Surety Title Service, Inc.

Donna and Brian Swilley

Charlene Tan

Mohamed Tanamly

Peter Thomas

William and Theresa Thorp

Lauren Tomaszewski and Christopher Johnson

Stephen and Kate Tornone

Kevin Treiber

Jeanne and David Turner

Richard Ughetta

Margo Vanlandingham

Ramelfa Vega-Rovia

Belarmino and Anna Viegas

Dr. Barbara A. Wadsworth and Mr. Henry J. Wadsworth

Janice Waitkus

Victoria Waldruff

Kindra Walker

Walmart Store #2588

Robert, Gregory & Elizabeth Walsh

Washington Lodge No. 59 F & AM

Maria Louise and John Weibel

Jefferson Hospital’s Neuro-Spinal Surgery Unit

Krystine and Marion Wiktorowicz

Lynne Williams-Powers

Debra Wolfgang

Kitching Yau

Theresa Zangare

Leah Rutter Zenker





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