Family Circle 2019

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Honor in Platinum $5,000+


Larry and Diane Beard

Dirk Dinkeloo and Erin Jacob

James and Paula Duva

Chris and Lynn Fallon

Betsy Horen

Jean and Sam Jones

Howard and Liz Nathan

Phillies Charities, Inc.

Dr. Marshall and Michele Schwartz

Transplant Alliance Foundation, Inc.

Hope in Gold $2,500+

Lauren’s Foundation

Fox & Roach Charities

Cary Moritz, Esq. and Michael Moritz, MD

Analise and Americo Santos

Scott and Vickie Sayles

State Metal Industries, Inc.

Walmart Supercenter Warminster

Walmart Supercenter Philadelphia Mills

Jan L. Weinstock, Esq.

Care in Silver $1,000+


AC Power Company, Inc.

Richard and Betty Beltz

Debjani and Satya Bhoumik

Daniel and Susan Bonner

John and Patricia Browne

Canon Solutions America, Inc.

Jim and Karen Carns

William and Marilyn Cody

Comcast Corporation

Dr. and Mrs. John Daly


DaVita Franklin Dialysis Center

Doty Family Foundation

Cheryl Eshenour

Tina and Ray Farrell

Fiorelli Urology Associates PC

Stacey Fitch

Founding Hearts Foundation

Debra and Carl Fritz

Susan Gibbs

Harvey and Rosalie Goldberg

Annetta Good

Ellen and Bernie Gottlieb

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hasz

Dr. Pamela Horn

Horton Family Foundation

Susan and Chao Kuang Hsu

Teresa Iaconelli

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Mystic Lodge, No 270

XVIVO Perfusion

David and Melissa Karas

Kevin P. Spiers Memorial Fund Association

Krysta Hankee Memorial Scholarship Fund

Monica Malpass

Matthew Reabold Memorial Fund

Mickey and Judy McCabe

Estate of Glen Mohler

John and Jeannie Moretto

Bridget Mulcahy

Steven Napiecek and Robin Zoltek

Kevin C. Parham

Patricia and Terence Pavlick

Paychex Community Foundation

Daniel Pereda

Perserverance Encamoment No. 135 I.O.O.F

Elissa and Michael Petrosky

David Pierson

Juan Ramos

The Raymond Family

Andrea and Sean Reynolds

Harry Roth, Esq. and Lisa Heller, MD

Beatrice and Isobel Rubin

Ryan Lee Mohn Memorial Foundation

Sam’s Spirit Inc.

John and Brenda Scanelli

Scarborough Boatworks

Ross and Mary Smith

Jay and Pat Souder

Bruce and Cynthia Stavitsky

J. Kate Stickles and Brad Baldus

The Ashland Foundation

The Marjorie M. and Irwin Nat Pincus Fund

Huseyin and Dianna Unver

Carole Vaught

John and Robin Visconi

Walker Lodge #306 IOOF

Philadelphia Sam’s Club

Walmart Boothwyn

Robert G. Walsh, Sr.

Washington Lodge No. 59 F & AM

Wells Fargo

Harold and Janet Whartnaby

Judy Yost

Grace in Bronze $500+


Jeffrey and Ruth Abrams

Paul Albert

Kelly and Andy Albright

Bill and Martha Anderson

Atlanta Commercial Tire Inc.

Kenneth Barkauskas

Antonella and Scott Beck

Catie and Lexi Becker

Robert and Heather Bonthron

Jeffrey and Mary Bracciale

Nina and Jim Britton

Rhonda and Eric Brouse

Marian Buccafurni

Dr.  Tania and Mr. Michael Burns

Jennifer Byrne

William and Winifred Carr

Yip Chan

Caroline and James Coleman

Barbara Converse

Steven and Rhonda Cook

The Copithorne Family

Costco Wholesale

Jonathan Cottrell

Theresa Daly

Patrick Davenport

Jon Davis

Barbara Demchyk

Stephen and Priscilla Demosky

Aileen Dentroux

Jim and Lynn Dever

Harris and Debra Devor

Nancy Doble

Donate Life America

Allen and Carol Drucker

Mary Ann Dunlap

Elizabethtown College

Joseph J. and Donna Nicoletti Ferrier

Gregg and Darlene Frederick

Dr. Gerard and Elizabeth Fulda

Ed and Marta Galarza

Catherine Giblin

Carol and John Giungo

Vicki Goettel

Harold Goodman

Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart

Judith Grier

Nick and Ruth Grigoriades

Keith and Jackie Hemperly

David and Karen Hess

Mark and Karen Hite

Robert and Beverly Hoyer

Kathy Hughes

Integrity Council #586 Royal Arcanum

Andrea Jackson

Carl Johansen

Michael Jozsa

Kampi Components Co., Inc.

Terri Kane

Lee Keddie

Edward and Heather Kellogg

Joyce Kelly

Peggy Kelly

Kathryn Kiesel

Susan and Howard Klein

Pepper and Mike Krach

Robin Kushner

La Famiglia Dei Fratelli

Nicholas F. Larusso M.D.

Mary Lawrence

Michael Leppo

Drs. Kimberly and Alexander Lin

Lloyd C Wilson Jr Post 224

Linda Loughlin

Edward Mahon

Dr. Warren Maley

Ulla Martz

James and Mary Maugeri

Crossfit Kazam

Christine and Thomas McGarry

Joanne McMonigle

Michael McVey

Merck Foundation

Brandon Meyers

Ronald and Heather Michaud

John and Eleanor Michele

Richard G. Moore

Evan, Debra & Jeff Morgan

Joann and Joseph Mozelewski

MTF Biologics

Judy Mueller

Bud Murphy

Cristin Nicoletti

Kathy and Charles Noll

Alan Oberman

Robert and Tracie Opitz

Marie and Donald Orlovsky

Page Consulting LLC

Peter and Nancy Parsons

Cindi and Vincent Pasceri

Adam and Christina Pennypacker

Lori and John Peruto, Esqs.

The Pla Family

Doug Popp

Doug Posey

The Prasad Family

Terri Lathan and Darryl Price

Robin & Fred Robbins and Ben & Caroline Batoff

Maureen Rumsey

Salvation Christian Center

Thomas and Kathleen Schocklin

Janice Schwartz-Donahue

Seer Interactive

Stephanie Severn

Richard and Anita Shaffer

Robert Smith

William Soloway

Robert and Ida Sosna

Dr. Joseph Stirparo

Thomas and Kathleen Subranni

James and Jane Sutow

Frederick and Eunice Thetgyi

Verizon Foundation

Jonathan and Vicki Warner

Kevin and Mary Wiedel

Beth and Gary Frenkel

Marc and Ginny Wilson

Douglas Woosnam

Kathy Yandle and Rick Miller

Comfort in Copper $250+


June and Kevin Alderfer

Michael and Judy Aldi

Ann Allegrini

Carol Alm

Pearl Andes-House

Spiro and Priscilla Apostolou

Artisan Dental Laboratory LLC

Janet Azzara

James and Laurel Baggett

Tibor and Bridget Baksy

Dr. Evelyn K. Balogun and Mr. Michael J. Vagner

Eileen Barrilli

Dr. and Mrs. Horace Barsh

Ruby and Charles Bauer

Julie Baumgardner

Ronald and Carol Bilek

Eugene and Patricia Blum

Gary and Clari Blum

Dr. Emily Blumberg and Mr. John Mezochow

Richard and Marian Bomba

Barbara and Robert Bowie

Christopher Bradley

Helene and James Breen

Charles and Marie Bryant

John T Burke

Victoria Burns

Michele Busacca

Berni Bussell

Sandra and Francis Cannon

Alex and Faith Carlin

Donald and Sarah Carter

Nancy Castrenze

Stephen Catanzaro

David Caya

Martha Chase and Brian Reisinger

Melvin and Lynne Cherry

Lai Chun Wong

Thomas and Suzanne Civitella

Dorothy Clapham

Jennifer Clune

Cocalico Middle School Faculty Fund

Sara Cohen

Allen and Elizabeth Coller

Michael and Mary Collins

Christopher J. Combs and Colleen Seeber-Combs

Lisa Coscia

Cindy Covington

Creating Impact LLC

Chris and Sharon Crooker

John and Kathleen Crouch

Richard and Mary Cuff

Ellen Daly

Glenn Darby

Krista Deguffroy

Elizabeth Dellers

Donna Dickt

Sherri and Michael Dion

Florence and Robert Dolceamore

George Doty

George Dougherty Jr

Ellen and Barry Dounn

Dryden Mutual Insurance Co.

Edward and Wendy Eaton

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Diana Elbanna

Exelon Corporation

Deborah Fales

Denise and Ken Fegley

Steve Feinstein

Stuart and Sandra Fine

Friends of Darra Bigelow

Elizabeth and Thomas Finocchio

First Reformed Church of Lincoln Park

Todd Franzen

John and Cornelia Fruncillo

Rogel and Sonia Garcia

Garrett Churchill Inc.

Katie Geary

Tess and Katie Geib

Kevin and Janeen Geklinsky

Richard and Theresa Gergar

Jacek and Laura Ghosh

Joyce Gilbert

Ari and Faigy Gilder

Harvey Goldglantz

Elvin and Sue Green

Thomas Gross

Deanna and Carl Gunlefinger

Denise Hamby

Brian and Lizann Hamilton

Dr. and Mrs. Mehdi and Christine Haririan

Tawnee Harris

Thomas and Lynn Hart

Kay and Charles Hays

Tom and Kathleen Hebling

Joseph and Bonnie Henry

Ilene and Neil Herman

Sylvia and Bob Herman

Michelle Hess

Carol and Tom Hetzel

Joseph and Megan Holden

Haskell Hughes

Shauna Hughes

Gary and Coleen Jividen

Richard Johnson

Dwendy Johnson & Family

Patrick and Geraldine Johnson

Michael and Lora Kawas

David and Elizabeth Kennedy

Cynthia and Arthur Kenyon

Doreen Klampfer

Keith Klasic

Thomas Koiro

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Kovach

Frank P. Kowalski

Carol and Dean Krautter

Farn-Tung Kung

Robert and Susan Kunzelman

Beth-Anne Laine

Franklin Lambert

Dr. Sally and Mr. Christopher Lane

Dr. James Lee

Thomas Lewis

Brenda Liberti

Kathleen Lilly

Beatrice G. Lipschultz

Albert Longstreth

Candace Mackersie

Ernest Magers

Patricia and Arthur Mahlon

Carmen Malignaggi

Debra Malinics

Marguerite Marcinek

Emily Marvill

Heather Marx

Brian and Moira McCole

John McCumber

Dennis and Mary Ellen McGorry

Carol and James McKelvey

Ken and Kara McNulty

Sue McVey-Dillon and Terry Dillon

Christine Melone

Merck Foundation

Melissa Meyers

Mindy Meyers

Scott Michael

Lara and Anthony Moretti

Jeff and Maxine Morgan

Dr. Jonathan Morris

Linda Muller

Amy Murphy

Joseph Murray

Dr. Lazaros and Mrs. Stavroula Nikolaidis

Gerald Nocentino

Scott Noye and Family

David O’Brian

Bruce and Kathy Ogg

Lesa Olson

Jeffrey and Lorinda Orlowski

Joseph O’Rourke

Maryellen and Walt Paget

Ruth Peachey

Amy Pelaschier

Lori Perch

Ellyn Phair

Susan Pincus

M. Esther Popjoy

Randy and Richard Presant

Steven and Myrna Pressman

Brian and Michelle Price

Frank and Debra Pross

Christine Radolovic

Dr. Elizabeth and Spencer Rand

Diane Ray

Patrick and Jean Reger

Brian Reisinger

Sean Rhoads and Keri Fisher

Carol Rodden

James and Judith Rodden

Theresa Rooney

Michael and Rosemary Rose

Elizabeth and Bruce Rubin

Steven Rudich

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rumaker

Betty Ruocco

Ellen Ryan

Karen and Paul Ryder

Velma Scantlebury, MD

Brian and Angie Schleider

Geraldine Schneeberg

Ellyn Schoen

Andrea Schwartz

Janice Schwartz-Donahue

Herbert and Rose Schweitzer

Shannon Sensenig

Shining Light Council #2

John and Anne Silva

Laura Siminoff

Stephen Smolinski

William Speed

Sharon and Kenneth Spinrad

St. Mary’s Healthcare System

Thomas and Deborah Stalsitz

Janice Staples

Steph’s Subs LLC

Kimberly Sterner-Stein and VanEric Stein

Susan and Edward Stevens

Brody Stevens

Kimberly Stowman

Marie Strouse

Kevin Stump

Howard and Norma Sudler

William Sweeney

Darlene Sweitzer

Donna and Brian Swilley

Mary Szilagyi

Charlene Tan

Mohamed Tanamly

Peter Thomas

William and Theresa Thorp

Christine Tierney

Nancy Tindall

Steve Townsend

Kevin Treiber

Wendy Trow-Fox

Maria Tserkis

Christine Tuosto

Brian Tymon

Toni Ulsh

Mr. Michael Vagner and Dr. Evelyn Balogun

John and Evelyn Valentin

Barbara W. and Barry W. VanRensler

Regina Vega

Amita Verma

Maureen Vickers

Belarmino and Anna Viegas

Stanley and Claudia Waldruff

Thomas Wallrich

Ann Wattman

Maria Louise and John Weibel

Vaughn and Cynthia Whisker

Charles Wiedmann

Marie Witt

Michael Wolfgang

Kitching Yau

Leah Rutter Zenker

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