Give the gift of home, today.

Because access to affordable lodging, food, and supportive services should never come between a transplant patient and their gift of life.


When you learn your loved one needs a life-saving organ transplant, the last thing you should worry about is where you’ll stay.

Your support of Gift of Life Family House will provide a safe, supportive, and affordable home away from home for transplant patients and their families.

The Family House will never turn a family away for inability to pay. Your gift is needed to help keep that promise. Through December 15th, make a contribution of any size to help give the gift of home, to transplant patients and their families.

“You can say the number of people that have stayed at the Family House, the number of rooms they have or the number of nights that they’ve offered to people,” says Tibor Baksy, “but I don’t know how you put a number on the support that we’ve gotten here, and the strength.”

Tibor and his wife, Bridget, came to Gift of Life Family House when their 9-month-old son John Paul needed a life-saving liver transplant due to Alagille syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. “At the hospital,” Tibor explains, “all day you’re dealing with major life decisions. The tests that are coming back could change your life or even determine if your child’s life is going to go on. At the end of the day you just want to come home and just have people that understand.”

For the last six years, the Family House has also become a “home away from home” for John Paul’s follow-up visits. “John Paul knows he’s loved here,” Bridget says. “John Paul can smile, and when he smiles and laughs, and makes others laugh, that’s because of the financial contributors and volunteers who created a place that he could get through his medical situation.”

Support Gift of Life Family House to ensure that transplant patients and their families have a safe, supportive, and affordable place to stay when they travel to Philadelphia for critical medical care. Give the gift of home.

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